marketingBright Past reputation management has become an integral part of maintaining a positive persona in the post-Google world of the internet. There are even companies who are paid to develop a positive web presence for their clients, whether they are a public figure, company or brand. What you may not fully realize is that reputation management is beyond a celebrity paying a company to write positive things about them. In our modern world, we all participate in reputation management to a certain degree. You may want to make sure the internet does not see the pictures from that crazy night out, or develop a good presence so potential employers see your positive characteristics. In our own amateur way, we participate in reputation management by being concerned about our public image and attempting to alter the Google results when something not-so-great is plastered online and connected with us.

There are companies that are paid thousands of dollars per month to clean up a person or brand’s image after something terrible is associated with them. So, what are the mechanics of reputation management? It involves creating copy for a brand or person that will become one of the first search results on a search engine, while the negative stuff becomes the very last few pages of a result. Research has shown that young people in their twenties and thirties are much more likely to maintain privacy settings on social networking sites to make sure their public image is what they’d like, as opposed to older people who are not as aware of the power of the internet. Many older executives have gotten into trouble for this reason; they are not as aware of the power that the internet has to destroy reputations and businesses. For this reason, reputation management companies have field days with older people who are less aware that the internet has the influence to make or break a career or reputation.

So, what is integral to reputation management, and what is so important about maintaining a positive reputation? How do you keep a clean public image, and how has this industry evolved? Let’s look closer at the industry and emerging trends to understand what is at stake in reputation management and discover the ways that this industry responds to the market and demands from clients.

Reputation Management: The Basics, and what these companies do

marketingThe people most likely to hire a reputation management firm and willing to spend the big bucks are actors, lawyers, doctors and politicians. Those with a reputation to uphold, in other words, and the money to spend on maintaining a positive image. How important is it for maintain your reputation, and wouldn’t a reputation management company lose repeat business pretty fast when the results were finally corrected? How much maintenance does an online reputation really need?

Interestingly, Google itself contributes to the reputation management business by continually pushing the best search results to the top. So, if you decide to hire a reputation management firm to push the negative results to the bottom, more than likely within the month the “best results” would return. This causes the reputation management industry to be quite necessary for long-term maintenance of a reputation.
The rate that reputation management firms charge depends on how badly the reputation was damaged and how much material they need to create in order to develop a more positive web presence for your brand, image, or business. Most of these clients pay upwards of $5,000 per month, making the reputation management business pretty lucrative.